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Major Stokes believes high quality, locally sourced products prepared fresh daily and offered at an affordable price is a responsible alternative to large batch cooking of frozen foods.  We understand a segment of the population prefers quantity over quality and wish them well.  However, many residents want an alternative to fryers and freezers (neither of which you will find at Stokes) without driving an hour to another community, and would welcome an opportunity to support the Greensburg Economy. We believe there is a need for a restaurant serving unpretentious food with genuine hospitality, and if you’re reading this, you’ve found such a place. 


We are excited to announce that we have officially earned the Gold Level designation as a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant. The designation recognizes the commitment we have to our community, our economy, and our planet.

Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants are evaluated based on 149 actions across 6 categories of sustainability standards: waste reduction, water conservation, energy efficiency, people, responsible sourcing, and nutrition.

When you dine with us, you are helping build vibrant communities and supporting environmentally responsible practices. Visit EatSustainably.org to view our profile and learn more about the actions that we are taking to build a better industry and a stronger Pittsburgh region.




Waiting 15 minutes to be greeted while a bartender takes a blowtorch to your glass of scotch is no way to run a bar.  Stokes offers a rotating 3-way bar menu featuring local beer and spirits; sorry PA, still importing our wine.  Beer will be served by the can or bottle with periodic keg tappings sponsored by Pennsylvania brewers. Liquor will be served neat or on the rocks.  See vending machine if you want to pour pop in your cognac. Wine will be served by the bottle.  Fresh, Fast, and Affordable is preferable to slow, expensive, and pretentious. Visit our daily menu to see our rotating bar offerings.




Interested in being a featured charity of the month? Contact us via Facebook or email.


November 2019

 We are an all-volunteer organization that will do in-home care or fostering until you are back on your feet. For our clients, we can also provide food, litter and other basic supplies needed for your pet as well as transportation to the vet or the groomer.  All this is at no charge to you.


October 2019

 The Westmoreland County Food Bank is a private, not-for-profit organization that supplies food to hungry people through a network of food assistance programs in Westmoreland County. Our 40,000 square foot facility is located in Delmont, Pennsylvania. Of each dollar donated to WCFB, $.95 goes to food and food programs. Find out more on their website: 


September 2019

 Stage Right! school of performing arts is based on the tenet that professional artists, instructing, mentoring, and working alongside student actors profoundly affects their development. Our students are taught by professionals and then are given the opportunity to work with them on stage. Find out more on their website: 


August 2019

The Acme Family Endowment will support the continuation of the mission and vision of Acme Providers in enhancing the lives of adults with intellectual challenges by making a difference through individualized care and community involvement. Find out more on their website: 


July 2019

Throughout the month of July Major Stokes will be donating 50% of tips to Stoneybrook Foundation. The mission of the Stoneybrook Foundation is to improve the lives of children and adults with special challenges through a therapeutic partnership with horses. Find out more on their website: 


June 2019

Throughout the month of May Major Stokes will be donating 50% of tips to Angel Arms Infant Recovery Home. Our strength as a community is powered by love and built on the commitment of individuals like you. Start a team, join a team or come on your own. Walk and fundraise together to enhance the lives of people living with autism. Find out more on their website: 



May 2019

Throughout the month of May Major Stokes will be donating 50% of tips to Angel Arms Infant Recovery Home. Angel Arms provides a short-term safe atmosphere for infants and children suffering from substance abuse. Angel Arms provides support services for families and communities to educate, recognize, and provide managed care for infants and children exposed to drugs while providing services for birthparents and caregivers. Find out more on their website: 


April 2019

Throughout the month of April Major Stokes will be donating 50% of tips to the CASA of Westmoreland, Inc. CASA of Westmoreland is a volunteer-based organization providing a voice in the courts on behalf of abused and neglected children in Westmoreland County. The recommendations of these volunteers assist the courts in determining the child’s placement in safe, permanent and nurturing homes.  Find out more on their website: 


March 2019

Throughout the month of March Major Stokes will be donating 50% of tips to the Blackburn Center. Blackburn Center advocates for the rights of all individuals to live free from domestic and sexual violence and other forms of violence by eliminating the root causes of this violence and providing for the well-being and safety of survivors/victims.  Find out more on their website: 


February 2019

Throughout the month of February Major Stokes will be donating 50% of tips to the Feeding the Spirit. Feeding the Spirit is a non-profit group dedicated to nourishing the bodies, minds and spirits of those in need in the Greensburg community. Our weekly Thursday evening event provides warmth, nourishment, friendship and fellowship for those who are struggling to survive in a world that often leaves them behind.  Find out more on their website: 


January 2019

Throughout the month of January Major Stokes will be donating 50% of tips to the Adelphio Village. Adelphoi is a private, non-profit agency dedicated to providing a continuum of quality services to children, youth and families. Headquartered in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, the agency offers exemplary and affordable human services programs that assist persons in need from over 60 counties.  Find out more on their website: 


December 2018

Westmoreland Cultural Trust is a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to stimulate cultural and economic development in the Westmoreland County region. We promote the performing arts; we preserve and enhance our region's assets for the benefit of the community. To learn more about their mission or find out about upcoming events visit their sites below.

www.thepalacetheatre.org  |   www.westmorelandculturaltrust.org   |   www.ggccevents.org




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Email: majorstokesbar@gmail.com

Phone: 724-217-8609

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